The Myth Is Law

by The Aeons Collapse

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GeN2Mo Modern Metal infused with Death Metal sensibilities, subtle atmospheric Black Metal-esque undertones and a Gojira-esque approach to semi-melodic vocals.
This is not a loud one or a catchy one but it knows how to profit from it with a strong emphasis on atmosphere.
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released September 13, 2013



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The Aeons Collapse Newport, Oregon

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Track Name: Ignition
Blinding blast enough to obliterate every sun
The conception of all
A violent expansion within the black
Devouring nothingness as it goes

Vibrational patterns of near infinite variation
Become the elements of construction
Myriad frequencies dancing in rhythmic undulation
Become the foundation of this new universe

I've become bored of this none-ness
It's time to put an end to this nothingness
With this I light the fuse
My will the Catalyst
Behold the beginning, the violent birth of all

Infant matter coalescing into substance
Complying to Gravitation's instructions
The result: an infinite number of burning spheres of creation
It is complete. All has begun, I see that it is good

A creation so elite, my fathers will be envious.
My beloved universe. Behold the beginning of all.
Track Name: Pervading Light
At last - An end to the grey
No more - ceaseless dragging apathy
I've found a brilliant light - shattering the dark
The new path is clear - the way has been revealed

Good fortune placed me within her arms
All that was cold and dead is now suddenly alive
Good fortune placed me within her heart
With new eyes I see that I've come home

At long last - Nought comes to an end
Cold and death - banished to the past
Darkness fades - color radiates
Bold new life - permeates the Earth
All things lost surface
All now given purpose
All things frigid in darkness
are now warmed by her light

And now I see everything
Here comes the sun
All has been revealed to me
She is the sun

By her brilliant glow I am given another life
In all possible worlds I'm home only by her side
Track Name: Atlas
See their world - built upon our backs
Daylight filtered - falling through the cracks
Beneath this weight - lumbering down their path
It is they who hold the reins - but we who control our fate

Control is in our hands
It is our hands upon the levers
We direct the world
Exquisite Machines that turn the Earth

Straining - holding their weight
While they sleep - we return the sun
Fueled by obscurity - propelled by division

With hidden eyes - they surveil every move
To ensure we never stray - but lumber down the path they choose

Resist the pull - that holds us captive
We are their strength - shrug off this weight

We are their strength - We turn the gears
We are the hands - that built their world

We cause all effect
Track Name: Engulf
Prepare yourself
Brace for the storm
Hold on to what you know, let it keep you warm

We've all become
Ourselves exposed
knocked to the ground

There was a time- Belief a simple choice
Too many hands- Now influence the truth

What once was clear- Blurred out to obscurity
Within this storm- Reality's lost

Misrepresentation of
Corrupted version of
A fabrication of
Inflated human drama
Dishonest ignition
Abuse of smoke and mirrors
On our hands and knees we search for remnants of the truth

The violent wind
kicks up the dust
lost among digital bits of flawed information

Every event- A thousand outlets
Dirty hands- mold and shape the facts
And what is left- a cryptic paradox
All equal versions- multiple choice truth

Storm of misinformation
Carpet bombing multiple fabrications
Storm of misinformation
Run with your favorite version

Run - with - the - truth
Try to run - with your version of the truth
Track Name: Subliminal
Executed so perfectly - Save For this
Unforeseen vulnerability - Exploit this
Soiled hands searching for the wound - you won't like this
Dirty finger poised over the void - Take a breath, and press


This is about control
This is subliminal

When you wake up you won't remember anything - Save for this new allegiance
Hasn't it always been this way? - What's wrong? Can't you remember?
Tell your children that this is how it is - Punish the curious
Don't disrupt the natural order - Is this not the way that it's always been?
Track Name: Sitrep
What- The fuck am I?
Who- The fuck am I?
And what the fuck do I want?
I know where the fuck I've been
But the ultimate fucking question is
Where the fuck do I go from here?

The clock is ticking now
I'm not getting any fucking younger
Somebody point me to some goddamn fucking answers
Do the credits crawl across the screen
Before a proper fucking end is achieved?
Motherfuckers, I'm not dead yet

I'm not dead weight
I've still got worth
I'm on a quest to find that ounce of fucking potential
I have a place In this universe
But I'll be damned if I can point myself in the right direction
When I grow up
Oh fuck, too late
Just how long have I been asleep?
Don't pull the plug, don't bury me
Motherfuckers, I'm not dead yet

And I still have a few tricks up my sleeve
Some crazy fucking shit you wouldn't believe
It's coming out
I've still got a story to tell
And I've still got shit to say
And I just don't give a fuck if anyone wants to listen
I'm just gonna put this down
Just to pull it out of my head
And I'm gonna throw it out into the fucking sea
If no one wants to hear
I'll scream it at their fucking backs
Motherfuckers, I'm not dead yet
Track Name: All Is As It Must Be
Control is released
To automatic, blind process
All forms of intervention forbidden
No alterations of experiment
No intent, no predetermined path
Your role is to observe, Be silent we must learn

Stay your hand and let all things run their course

A cryptic view
When seen from the outside
All is as it must be

So cruel from the outside
The outside looking in
All is as it must be

Theres a glitch in the system
A rogue malicious element
Destructive agent within the script
An irritating flaw in the program
Such misfortune could not have been foreseen
This was not by design - This element lusts for control

Stay your hand and let all things run their course

Ignited by a single thought
So quickly mythic notions influence
Passed on through words and now the myth is fact
So deeply ingrained now the myth is law

Shackled by misinterpretation
Lead to the precipice by false information
Blindfolded by fear and arrogance
One malicious thought spreads to consume the whole
Track Name: Behind The Veil
In vain we try to see the world with uncorrupted vision
Persistent is irrationality in its attempts to pollute
To blind us from truth

So slow the veil is pulled away as it's lifted from our eyes
The more we see the more we cling to the comfort of delusions

Blessed are the ignorant
Cursed be those who can see
Turn away, lest you see yourself

All you've ever seen: a facade
Elaborate Illusion
When they lift the blind - will you look?
Or will you cover your eyes afraid

The curtain is lifting now
The hologram is fading out
This front is falling down
Don't turn away
Track Name: The Hidden Hand
So What the fuck did you think that life was supposed to be
You kill yourself for a piece of the pie, then you give it to me
Don't go on thinking for a second, that you're anything
More than grease between the gears of this vicious machine

We'll feed our scraps to you one at a time, wait your turn
You can have all we give, your rewards must be earned

Obey, This is the hand that feeds
Fear me, The hand behind my back grips the knife tightly

Don't bother to resist, its useless, you'll never make a difference
Our side has too many, and yours too few
You exist because we allow it, now get back in line
Just stay where you've been placed and you'll get through this just fine

You're given just one life and it aims to tear you down
In the end it leaves you broken

Death only comes to carry you away

You cannot stop the process
It runs deeper than you can know
We can't tolerate disobedience
You're useless to us dead
Track Name: Vortex Streets
The final chapter will be written but never read
The author of your demise will leave no audience

A whisper against cacophony

All you had was not enough
Theres nothing left
Take your place among the broken
All you had was not enough
Theres nothing left
Take your place among the forgotten

Savor the bitterness of defeat
To come so far only to fail
Let go of the hope that left you in the dark
Farewell to the dreams that now you'll never know

The tale is left untold
With no eyes to read the words
All memories evaporate
With no minds left to remember

Somewhere along the path you lost your way
You lost sight of your destination
Maybe you were never really concerned
Perhaps you lost what it meant to dream

And now the end comes
Track Name: Outro
So here we are. The seeds have been planted but none have grown.
Still, the reaper comes to harvest what is owed. Promise unfulfilled.
It all ends here, which is everywhere. Now, which is everywhen.
We did give it our all, didn't we? Did we? No matter now. The trumpet sounds.
The collector Death approaches. Each step like a monolith crushing my chest.
I want to warn them but there are none left. I want to escape but here is all there is.
No retreat to the past, it is here now.
This moment is all there is, and this moment is withering.
All that is left is to watch the end of all that is left.
All that ever was.
To watch as the aeons collapse.